Dr Takao Matsushita and Dr Kawase Itsuko, spent their lives searching for the secret behind longevity, as sought by the sages of the ancient orient - a search that led them to consider the unique qualities and characteristics of unique trees. Now based upon their discovery, they have transformed the secret into a product for the benefit of all humankind.

After 26 years of research and development, it was discovered that bamboo vinegar and wood vinegar essence found in Oak, Beech and Sakura trees has the unparalleled ability to absorb toxins through the skin. The Takara Foot Patch is made from a unique concoction of bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar essence, and several other ingredients to form a powerful detoxing product. The invention of the Takara Foot Patch has created much excitement in Japan, receiving high recommendations from many people. Japan’s leading health magazine, “An Xin”, has also featured articles based on its usage by the Japanese.